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Wedding destination Croatia

Wedding destination Croatia

Croatia - beautiful land with more than 1000 islands in the Mediterannean sea with over 250 days of sunshine per year. If you are new to Croatia, take a look at our guide and enjoy the journey across the country.

How To Write Off The Cost Of The Dress When You're Through!

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Wedding Planner – a complete set of tools for organising your wedding


Wedding tools

Wedding Planner - Planner for Your Wedding

Plan your wedding with this useful and user friendly Wedding Planner. Prices, Calendar, Budget Planner, Check List, List of Guests and Table Arrangement will make the organisation of your wedding a simple and playful event…

Spare time and money with our Wedding Planner and plan your wedding in an instant.

Wedding Planner is composed of following units:

Wedding Calendar:
Wedding Calendar makes possible to plan the timing of your wedding.

Wedding Check List:
Define the timeframe for certain events according to which you are going to make specific preparations for your wedding. Use the Planner as a guideline for simpler organisation of your wedding and in this way minimise the possibility to make errors or to forget about certain details.

Wedding Budget Planner:
Budget Planner allows you to track all involved costs - during wedding planning.

Wedding Guest List:
A Guest List that makes possible to track the list of all guest you have invited on your wedding.

Wedding Table Arrangement:
Table Arrangement makes possible to plan where the bride and groom, best men and other guests are going to sit at the restaurant.

Download the Wedding Planner
Wedding planner

Save time and money – start your planning and organisation on time.

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