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Guide to Croatia
Wedding planning in Croatia - Dubrovnik, Hvar, Mljet, Rovinj, Rab, Zagreb
Wedding destination Croatia

Wedding destination Croatia

Croatia - beautiful land with more than 1000 islands in the Mediterannean sea with over 250 days of sunshine per year. If you are new to Croatia, take a look at our guide and enjoy the journey across the country.

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Wedding restaurants


Gastro Globus

Dubrovnik Avenue, 15
10020 Zagreb, HR
Phone: 01/655 43 77
01/659 02 11
Fax.: 01/650 34 65

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

If you are yust visiting Zagreb or you live in Zagreb, do not miss the central gastro point, the Gastro Globus restaurant. The family Lozančić is working in gastronomy and catering for an number of years now, and in the meantime we managed catering and gastronomic facilities in European towns and in Croatia.
For sure some of you already visited the French restaurant in Zagreb, "Monnet" and they could have checked the skill and experience of our staff.

As a result of a rich experience the restaurant Gastro Globus came to existence, and also as an addition the catering services.

Gastro Globus with its location, big and exclusive spaces it is ideal location to celebrate different business and festive occasions. By opening different halls we can receive anything from 30 to 1500 guests.

We are aware that gastronomy is not only food and its preparation but it is also an art in continuous development. Therefore we watchfully follow all the trends in gastronomy and the wishes of our guests as a continuous inspiration. Love for culinary art is the most exclusive spice..., and we never run out of it!
You can also take a look of our photo album, those photos will best explain to you what is our place looks like...

Through constant improvement and education of the complete gastro/catering team the Gastro Globus has significantly expanded its activities organisation wise. Therefore if you would like to organise a relevant event, dinner or a party feel free to contact us.

We are eagerly expecting you!

Ika Belleuve

Primorska 16, Ika
51 414 IČIĆI, Opatija
Phone: 051 291 777
GSM: 098 213 744

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

Restaurant is located 5 m from the sea, on a beach, and with a large terrace and the "a la carte" restaurant. We also offer accommodation rooms.


Bakačeva 9
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: 01/4814 938
Fax: 01/4814 939

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

In a pleasant ambience of the restaurant Katedralis on an already well renomated and one of the most beautiful terraces in town, with top service, we have on our everyday offer 7:00 - 23:00 a wide selection of courses and deserts of homemade, Zagreb and international cuisine, grill specialities, fish and crabs and dishes from oven and broiled meat.

We take special care when preparing homemade food to be eaten with spoon. Exquisite types of wine which we also sell by glasses. Business and family luncheons and dinners, special occasions, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and graduations in the restaurant Katedralis we offer on very reasonable prices.


M. Laginje, 1
47 000 Karlovac
Phone: 047/645 600
Fax: 047/645 610

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants


Liburnia Riviera Hotels, Opatija

Zvonimir Cimermančić Street, 2
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 3690 187
GSM: +385 91 3690 187

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

The most beautiful halls in Opatija. Crystal chandeliers. Weddings for up to 500 guests. Terraces next to the sea. Parks. The most beautiful locations for the day of your dreams.

Maistra d.d., Rovinj and Vrsar

V. Nazora, 6
52210 Rovinj, Croatia
Phone: +385 52 800 250
Fax: +385 52 800 215

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants
Hotel-tourist company Maistra offers you the possibility to organise weddings in exclusive restaurants located in cultural-historical monuments which bear a stamp of time or in the minimalist modern restaurants and bars on the beach.

Food & beverage employees are going to take care of a large number and a big selection of special wedding menus, receptions, drinks and special aperitifs, and are going to take care on your wishes.

Restaurant Cadena

Karlovac Street, 201
10 250 Zagreb
Phone: 01/6530 016
GSM: 098/234 613

Wedding vendor details: wedding planning/Wedding makeup & skin

Restaurant Casablanca

V. Nazora, 6
52210 Rovinj, Croatia
Phone: +385 52 800 250
Fax: +385 52 800 215

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

Stara Vura

Opatička, 20
10000 Zagreb
Phone: / Fax: 01 / 4851 - 368
GSM: 098 / 9181 - 441

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants
In the restaurant Stara Vura we offer representative Croatian foods with the wish to show how the modern way of live influenced the changes in menus and dietary habits. Therefore we recommend you for start to try zagorske štrukle.

Carefully chosen fish with expert ways in preparing result in exquisite dishes like: black pasta with Adriatic sea shrimps in sauce, frogfish medallions on butter and white wine.

Italian kitchen with a special offer of pastas and other Italian specialties.

We take special care in selecting our wines, so with each course you can select a proper variety which will round the food experience and is going to relax your company.

Restaurant Stara Vura visit us when you would like to feel good or when you would like to enjoy in small meals, or solemn luncheons or business talks.

The Garage Pub

Kovinska, 4
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: 01/3792-690
Fax: 01/3792-692

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

Vila Ariston, Opatija

M. Tita, 179
51410 Opatija
Phone: 051/271-379

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants
Organising weddings and banquets in a beautiful garden and exclusive interior.

Restaurant of the Hotel Adriatic, Dubrovnik

Ćira Carića 3
20 000 Dubrovnik
Contact person: Đino Đivanović, food and beverages manager
Phone: ++385 20 433 557
Fax: ++385 20 437 500
GSM: ++385 98 214 408

Wedding vendor details: wedding ceremony/Wedding restaurants

* Please note:
The vendor directory is listing only vendors from Croatia. Therefore we can't guarantee that all vendors speak English. Thank you for your understanding.

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