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Guide to Croatia
Wedding planning in Croatia - Dubrovnik, Hvar, Mljet, Rovinj, Rab, Zagreb
Wedding destination Croatia

Wedding destination Croatia

Croatia - beautiful land with more than 1000 islands in the Mediterannean sea with over 250 days of sunshine per year. If you are new to Croatia, take a look at our guide and enjoy the journey across the country.

Wedding planner

Wedding planner - use our tool
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wedding calendar, wedding budget planner, wedding guest-list, wedding seating schedule, wedding checklist.

How To Write Off The Cost Of The Dress When You're Through!

It's a little known fact, that you can actually write off the cost of your dress on your taxes by donating your wedding dress to meaningful charities that help women in need. What a great way to help someone less fortunate than you and save more money! The Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation is probably the
most well known for charity
for this:
www.makingmemories. org

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Wedding caterers


Catering "Adria"

Heinzelova, 53a
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: 01/365 31 81
GSM: 098/983 09 62

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers
Top catering for your wedding reception!

Catering "Bimbo"

Ljubijska, 83 - Zagreb
Phone: 01/2861-616;
GSM: 091/2526-111

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers
Organisation of weddings and reception parties for all occasions

Catering "Dodivero"

Mariborska, 15
10 360 Zagreb, Sesvete
Phone: 01/2002-638

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers
Delivery of prepared food. Catering for all occasions. We are making your place look different!

Catering "Kristal"

M. Laginje, 1
47 000 Karlovac
Phone: 047/645 600
Fax: 047/645 610

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers

Catering - Maistra, Rovinj and Vrsar

V. Nazora, 6
52210 Rovinj, Croatia
Phone: +385 52 800 250
Fax: +385 52 800 215

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers
On the lawns and pools of the hotels Istra, Eden, Park and Pineta in romantic destinations in Rovinj and Vrsar we organise weddings in nature which include the organisation of catering and festive wedding reception on covered (tent), and at the same time in nature, with music and simple natural decorations.

Mixy Flair Style

Catering-service craft KIŠ
Dobranska, no. 10 - Zagreb
GSM: 091 6171 878; 091 888 7930
Fax:01 457 8006

Wedding vendor details: wedding reception/wedding caterers
Our activities include:
  1. education services - schooling
    top equipped training centre for barmen is located in Palmotićeva street, 58 in Zagreb. students can enrol for the 1st and 2nd course in the duration of 40 days each.
  2. catering
    includes preparation of exclusive cocktails for different events, celebrations, weddings, etc. and also special exhibitions of juggling with fire bottles, called - Fire Show.
  3. consulting
    in catering and gastronomy (bar strategy, planning, targets, education of staff, accounting)
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